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We have a passion for extreme weather. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods are examples of hazards studied by our group.


Our group is interested in the variability of extreme weather on climate timescales. This includes any potential for change in projected future climates.


Perhaps the most important research focus of our group is on how weather and climate extremes impact humans and our economy.

Research Team


Dr. David Changnon


Ph.D. Colorado State University
Applied Synoptic Climatology

Dr. Walker Ashley, CCM


Ph.D. University of Georgia
Meteorology, Climatology, Hazards

Dr. Victor Gensini

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Georgia
Extreme Weather, Climate Variability/Change

Current Graduate Students
Cody Converse

Cody Converse

M.S. Student

Mesoscale Meteorology, NWP

Robert Fritzen

Robert Fritzen

Ph.D. Student

Winter Weather, NWP

Dominique Watson

M.S. Student

Natural Hazards, Forensic Meteorology, GIS

Recent News

A new paper from our group! WCS prof. Walker Ashley and coauthor Stephen Strader with a look at mobile home vulnerability to tornadoes.

Welcome to our newest research group member! Mr. Cody Converse (CMU)

Check this out from WCS Professor Dr. Walker Ashley!

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