Grants obtained by our research group:

Advancing Our Understanding of Intraseasonal United States Severe Convective Storm Variability National Science Foundation, Physical & Dynamic Meteorology Program and Climate & Large-scale Dynamics Program, 2021-2024.

Research: Observed and Future Dynamically Downscaled Estimates of Precipitation Associated with Mesoscale Convective Systems.  National Science Foundation, Climate & Large-scale Dynamics Program and Physical & Dynamic Meteorology Program, 2017-2021.

Tornadoes and Mobile Homes: An Inter-science Approach to Reducing Vulnerabilities and Improving Capacities for the Southeast’s Most Susceptible Population. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2017-2019.

Collaborative Research: Climatological and Event-based Radar Delineation of UHI Convection for Urban Corridors within the Southeastern U.S. National Science Foundation, Geography & Regional Science Program and Physical & Dynamic Meteorology Program, 2007-2012.

In addition, several internal projects have been funded by NIU’s Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships.